Thursday, 11 October 2012

BBC news on Grow Movement entrepreneur Thomas Ssemakula

At Grow Movement we believe enhancing the skills of local entrepreneurs to lead their countries out of poverty is the best way to economically empower the people in the poorest countries on earth.  We use remote volunteer consultants in over fifty countries to deliver business advice on an ultra low cost base to entrepreneurs in Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda over mobile phone.

We're thrilled that Grow Movement Ugandan entrepreneur Thomas Ssemakula has told the story of his business Brave East Africa to BBC news:   
Grow Movement's Thomas Ssemakula
Just over two years ago Thomas qualified as a vet and launched his Brave East Africa consultancy business with no money to his name. In this video he tells how Grow Movement consultant Molly Fulton in Las Vegas gave him the human resource and financial advice he needed scale up to seven employees. Then in a second project, a Grow Movement team of MBA students from London Business School's Impact Consulting club helped Thomas write the business plan to successfully secure the investor mentioned by the BBC.

Its not just Thomas's employees and their families who benefit from his outstanding dynamism: Thomas's business equips Ugandan subsistence farmers with the skills they need to commercialize their produce, creating a ripple effect throughout the local community.

As all of Grow Movement's advice is delivered remotely and our operations are managed by local people, the total cost of Thomas's projects to Grow Movement was $200. We've managed to work with over 200 entrepreneurs like Thomas in the last three years on a cost base of less than $400 a week. 

Right now we're scaling up to advise 1,200 Malawian, Ugandan and Rwandan entrepreneurs over the next three years to lead their communities out of poverty and show the effectiveness of  talented local entrepreneurs teamed with remote volunteer consultants  to end poverty at  low cost and scale.


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