Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Grow Movement's first Pizza consultant! Pizza knowledge by #Skype from Canada to Kigali Rwanda

Meet Patrizia Pino , Grow Movement's first  “Pizza Consultant”, working with Elie and Fidele over Skype from Canada to Kigali, Rwanda. Patrizia's experience includes 25 years in the film industry running her own company as a Post Production Director, an Executive MBA from McGill University and 30 years of working in her family's restaurant, "Pizza Ninos" in Montreal, Canada.
 With such an eclectic mix of skills Patrizia found herself wanting to share her experience for the benefit of the community and came across Grow Movement. She was matched with a pizzeria called 'Live Hot Pizza', a company started in January 2013 by two young chaps called Elie  (22) and Fidele (25) by Grow's Rwanda Country Manager, Violet Busingye.

Elie and Fidele came to Grow Movement  for advise  on proper management, marketing, how to be unique and to create new business ideas.  Being a Grow Consultant Patrizia is tasked with improving their business, through assessing the shape of their business,  studying their strengths and weaknesses, giving them tasks to accomplish and evaluating the business as a whole in respect to what they are truly capable of.  This will all be done using Skype over the next 6 months. With experience in everything from waitressing, to cooking to running her own business they are in very experienced hands. Welcome and thank you to Patrizia and all our Grow Volunteer Consultants for their time commitment with your help we empower African entrepreneurs with knowledge and help take people out of poverty.
If you are interested in sharing your skills with an African entrepreneur then please see our website www.growmovement.org and click on apply to Grow!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Grow Movement's Joshua Mwesige is an entrepreneur himself!

The entrepreneurial spirit runs throughout Grow Movement! Meet Joshua Mwesige who runs Grow Uganda from our office in Kampala. Not only does he manage 40 entrepreneurs through the Grow process every month he also has his own company called 'Rect Technologies' making exercise books for local shops in Kampala. Joshua has a degree in Information Technology and Computing, a certificate Public Administration and a postgraduate certificate in Monitoring and evaluation. Of
Taking a tea break from visiting entrepreneurs in Kampala
working at Grow he says, 'It is a great experience and a great concept. It is very fruitful; we are helping entrepreneurs to sustain their creation and grow employment. It is great to see our communities benefiting from new jobs'. www.growmovement.org

Friday, 19 July 2013

London to Kigali by Skype. Rwandans helping Rwandans. Grow Movement recruits it's first Kinyarwandan speaking Volunteer Consultant.

Rwandans helping Rwandans from London to Kigali! Grow Movement recruits it's first Kinyarwandan speaking Volunteer Consultant. Herman Budigiri, aged 31 from Rwanda is currently studying an MBA in International Business at London School of Commerce. On becoming a Grow Consultant he says 'It is wow and exciting to be contributing and improving someone’s life from bottom to financially self-sufficient, especially in my home country Rwanda'.

Herman is an ideal Grow Volunteer Consultant, not only does he speak the local language enabling Grow Movement to work with a wider community  he also has 7 years of experience in financial institutions  including Banque Populaire du Rwanda and The Bank of Kigali. Herman has a dream to of helping his community to
live as financially self sufficient. He will spend the next 3 months working over Skype with a micro entrepreneur based in Kigali.

By sourcing Volunteer Consultants that speak local language Grow Movement is able to reach a wider community in the countries that it works in. Grow Movement is proud of recruiting its first local language speaker for Rwanda. Good luck and thank you Herman!

If you are interested in sharing your business skills with micro entrepreneurs in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi then please visit our website www.growmovement.org and click on apply to Grow!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Passionate Rwandan mobile app entrepreneurs working with Grow Movement to improve lives of Rwandan farmers

Martial Batangana and Esther Kunda  of Oscar Connect Ltd

Rwanda is rapidly becoming a knowledge based economy with a host of tech entrepreneurs emerging from investment in IT education and infrastructure. 

We've been working with two passionate young entrepreneurs, Esther Kunda and Martial Batanga, helping them bring to market the mobile app Sarura that provides weather information, news and advice to Rwandan farmers by text message. 
Esther demonstrating
 the Sarura  app

Grow Volunteer Consultant Richard White worked remotely from the UK for a few hours a week with Esther and Martial on the proposal they wrote for the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture to provide them with the weather and agricultural information they need for the app. 

As a result of the proposal, Esther and Martial have been invited to pitch to the Ministry of Agriculture in October and hope to roll out their app to improve the productivity and livelihoods of the 75% of Rwandans who are subsistence farmers.

Watch Esther and Martial talk more about their app and the remote advice they received from Grow Movement in the video above.

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