Friday, 12 July 2013

Passionate Rwandan mobile app entrepreneurs working with Grow Movement to improve lives of Rwandan farmers

Martial Batangana and Esther Kunda  of Oscar Connect Ltd

Rwanda is rapidly becoming a knowledge based economy with a host of tech entrepreneurs emerging from investment in IT education and infrastructure. 

We've been working with two passionate young entrepreneurs, Esther Kunda and Martial Batanga, helping them bring to market the mobile app Sarura that provides weather information, news and advice to Rwandan farmers by text message. 
Esther demonstrating
 the Sarura  app

Grow Volunteer Consultant Richard White worked remotely from the UK for a few hours a week with Esther and Martial on the proposal they wrote for the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture to provide them with the weather and agricultural information they need for the app. 

As a result of the proposal, Esther and Martial have been invited to pitch to the Ministry of Agriculture in October and hope to roll out their app to improve the productivity and livelihoods of the 75% of Rwandans who are subsistence farmers.

Watch Esther and Martial talk more about their app and the remote advice they received from Grow Movement in the video above.

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