Thursday, 19 September 2013

Making beds in Uganda

Meet Sarah a 27 year old entrepreneur living in Kampala, Uganda. She is working with a Canadian consultant to help improve her business. She buys material at the local market and takes it to a tailor to make bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers, and then completes the detailed sewing at home by hand. She is hoping to save enough money to be able to buy her own sewing machine so she can make them herself at home, react quickly to customer demands and improve her productivity. She faces numerous challenges in growing her business to be able to do this. Local supermarkets require a significant stocking fee and supply of consistent material design to match customer demands is also a problem. She is working with Ray to help her solve these problems, focusing on financial planning and marketing.

Good luck Sarah, we wish you well with your consultant.
Sarah with her duvet set

Sarah and Claire Jenkins


  1. Les supermarchés devrait comptés leur frais de stockage dans leurs marges au lieu de l'imputé à Sarah

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