Thursday, 23 January 2014

Powerful & Inspiring Female #Entrepreneurs of #Malawi #womeninbusiness

Our Malawian female entrepreneurs are an inspiring group. I am amazed at what these women achieve. Running a business is impressive enough, these women often run 2, or 3 whilst having a full time job,and being a Mum not just to their own children but to other orphaned children as well. The commitment that these ladies have to their families is incredible.

Meet Grace, she is a Mum, as well as a full time secondary school teacher, running two businesses. She has started
a tailoring company and a nursery school. Her tailoring business she runs from her home, employing local tailors to make school uniforms. Working with her British consultant, Ashwin, they focused on the cost of her selling trips around Malawi, increasing her market and record keeping. She recently set up a nursery school in the area, when her niece had no where to send her daughter. Together they helped to create one additional tailoring job and 25% increase in profits.

Meet Chikondi. She works full time and is a mum. She also runs a guest house, is building a second one from the profits of her first, and is also running a bar restaurant in Blantyre, Malawi. With the help of her British consultants Tope and Joby she increased her profits by offering commission to local taxi drivers. She is now going live with a website in the New Year.

Spending time with these entrepreneurs I am amazed at how hard working they are, and what they manage to achieve whilst having so many additional responsibilities. To then take on an additional task of working with a Grow Movement consultant for 3 months and the extra work that that entails just impresses me beyond belief. These women are incredible and I am so proud that Grow Movement has the opportunity to be partnering with the National Association of Business Women (NABW) to support their businesses and enable them to create more jobs in their community.

Claire Jenkins CEO Grow Movement

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