Wednesday, 5 February 2014

There is something fishy going on #volunteer #Uganda #entrepreneur

George is an entrepreneur in Uganda. I had the honour of meeting and spending time with him in December 2013. Having worked previously as a slaughter house manager he wanted to see what he could achieve and make a path for his future. He spotted a commercial opportunity for a fish sauce that was without bones so that it could be fed to young children.

When he came to Grow Movement his business was just a concept. He was matched with Sean Clancy a procurement director from London, UK. Together they worked on refining the recipe and the manufacturing standards. George now supplies local restaurants and supermarkets with his product and is fully employed in his business.

I met Sean Clancy on my return to London and presented him with some fish paste sauce sent to him by George. See the photos of Sean eating his product! Sean freely talks about the motivation and self satisfaction he had from working with George. Sean freely says that he learnt more from George than George would have done from him.

For me, it is an honour to have met both George and Sean. George has a natural and infusing sun shine spirit; to have spent time with him was a real honour. Then to meet his volunteer consultant, Sean who was as touched and motivated by the experience as George was, well what can I say?! I have the best job in the world. We make a difference to both volunteers and entrepreneurs.

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