Monday, 2 February 2015

Homes destroyed in Malawi
Malawi has been subjected to devastating flooding during January with the death toll ranging from 100 - 200 with over 174,000 displaced people and increased risk of outbreaks of cholera and malaria. Post natural disasters we hear a lot about the loss of life, and immediate need for aid. Often little focus is given to rebuilding businesses and the challenges faced by business people affected by electricity rationing and internet outages. The Grow team is safe and well, however some of our clients have not been so lucky.

Evance, young social entrepreneur 
Evance Golden, based in Malawi, supported by Annie Eisler in the USA, runs a business, Golden Furniture and Timber Sales. Since 2010 the business had been on a positive trajectory generating enough cash to fund a new showroom on the main highway through Ntecheu, purchase new carpentry equipment and employ local Aids orphans. He had stock piled timber logs to plan for his long term goal of opening up a vocational training centre to teach carpentry to youths orphaned by Aids.  

Annie, it is very painful and difficult to to explain what has happened here. All but ten of my 350 poles and timbers are gone. Everything I had in my tent is gone: 1 chainsaw, 2 bags of maize for my workers, 5 blankets, 20 knives. The foundation of my 2015 plan is completely gone." 

In early January Evance saw his timber washed away and his business ruined. Sadly in Malawi business insurance is not common place and there is no social security assistance. In order for the Malawi economy to recover the private sector needs support. the majority of aid will be focused on infrastructure and health care with limited focus on business regeneration. If you would like to support a business getting back on its feet please read more

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