Tuesday, 3 March 2015

#uganda600 launched at London Business School

Mark Neild Chairman
Grow Movement launched its #uganda600 impact evaluation project at London Business School last week with over 70 of its volunteers new and past.

Starting in June 2015, 600 entrepreneurs in Kampala, Uganda will start working with 600 Grow Movement Consultants. Three of the Worlds most renowned business schools; London Business School, Booth School of Business Chicago and Stanford will evaluate the impact of virtual consultancy on key social and economic indicators.

Prof Naufel Vilcassim
Mark Neild, Grow's Chairman opened the event talking about the future of Grow Movement, "2015 is set to be an incredible and pivotal year for Grow Movement and the future of entrepreneurship across the Least Developed Countries of the World!"

Professor Naufel, the principle inspector on the impact evaluation, spoke about the  academic shift in focus from lack of access to financial capital to lack of managerial skills in finance, marketing and strategy which lead to micro businesses not growing and developing. He noted that very little academic research has
been done into this area hence why he was interested in
determining if the Grow Model actually works.
Claire Jenkins CEO

Claire Jenkins, CEO spoke to new and existing volunteers asking for help with recruiting additional volunteers to support the evaluation. Claire is asking all consultants to 'volunteer a peer' for #uganda600. 600 new consultants are required by June 2015!

If you have a business peer that you think would enjoy and benefit from this experience and has 6 months available from June 2015 then please contact researchproject@growmovement.org


  1. Dears
    Congratulations on this important initiative. I am a health profession education consultant, my expertise in the area of social accountability of medical schools and other health professions schools which is another dimension in social development, if you think that my expertise will fit with your objectives, I am willing to participate with you.
    Dr. Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla, MB.BS, MHPE, PhD

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