Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ugandan Diaspora talks about volunteering with Grow Movement

Mathias talking about being a VC
 Grow Movement was very excited to have one of it's volunteer consultants, Mathias Ssenabulya, visit our Uganda office and take part in #Uganda600 training of our new team. Here he talks about his experience and why he is so passionate as a member of the Uganda Diaspora of Canada to be part of Grow Movement...
Mathias Ssenabulya
VC since August 2014
Software Consultant and Owner of Dextrous Consulting in Toronto Canada

"I grew up in Canada with the majority of my extended family living in Uganda.  One of the impressions I remember the most as a child was witnessing the vast differences in the way of life in the two contries, especially after the civil war in the 80's.  I've always asked myself the question "Why? Why is it so different?  What is it that makes that difference?".  Why don't I see the same level of prosperity in Uganda that I see in Canada?"

"In the past I've done work with Uganda NGOs but when I came across Grow Movement last year, I knew that there was something remarkable about the impact that could be made.  The focus on helping entrepreneurs grow and create jobs was something I instantly wanted to be a part of.  What's more is that I could finally use the best  of what I'd learned over the years in business to make a tangible difference for people in  my own country."

"I had the opportunity to spend a day with Mohammed, Judith, the new client manager team and project managers Janine and Christie on my recent visit to Kampala and share my experiences in Grow Movement at a training session, but I also learned about difference scenarios, challenges and successes that are the day-to-day reality of this consulting paradigm."

"The team had many questions about how the consulting calls actually go and what issues come up in the 6-month engagement.  What struck me is that despite the differences we all have in our cultural perceptions, communication, and way of life, there is clearly a very tangible benefit that the clients get from our calls.  It's amazing to know that an idea that may be second nature to one person, can literally change everything for another, especially in business."

"I believe that a lot of this is simply due to the value of having a different perspective.  I've long suspected that the value of a different perspective flows in both directions.  Now I am convinced."

"I'm very excited to be a part of it all and thrilled to see us delivering the program at a higher level in 2015 as #Uganda600 kicks into full swing!"

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