Friday, 2 October 2015

HULT MBA Alumni talks about sharing business skills

Jackie Ngu

Jackie Ngu runs a family business here in London supplying healthcare professionals to the NHS. A Hult MBA Alumni she talks about the challenges of volunteering by skype and mobile as part of our #Uganda600 programme.

The Experience
When I first received the details about attending an event at Hult International Business School, called Grow movement, I didn’t need convincing. I have always donated to charities but never felt like I was actually making a difference as you never knew really where your donation was going. Unfortunately I was not even able to attend the event as I had to do a presentation, but as I said before, this was not necessary. I just knew that it would be a privilege for me to be given the chance to empower African entrepreneurs not just waiting to get handouts but wanting to be able to provide for their family.

My client
I think I have been very lucky with my client. Gorreti is hardworking with 2 shops selling a range of items from electrical to stationary items. She is always willing to try out new ideas and we have very good discussions about the way forward. She knows exactly where she needs help and where she wants her business to go. I am hoping I can work with her to make a positive difference.

Our one and only main challenge has been getting Gorreti connected onto the internet. This is not something she had done before and very difficult to assist someone with this over the phone, when you are not sure what they can see. We are getting there as she has been able to open my email and also the attachment. Just need her to be able to send me an email. That will be the next challenge. Going forwards it would be great for Grow Movement to supply more basic IT skills to entrepreneurs before they start the programme as it can be difficult to consult entirely by Skype.

Jackie we totally agree with you! Our vision for the future is to have more basic training up front before releasing to VCs to start. All in the plans we just need funding!

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