Thursday, 15 January 2015

Raising money by crowdfundraising

During December 2015 Grow Movement ran a £10,000 fundraising campaign to enable 40 more budding African entrepreneurs to access the skills and experience of Business Consultants. Grow had over 3,000 hits on its campaign site, with 86 funders from 17 countries; the UK and the USA being the biggest. £6,000 was raised  enabling the gift of opportunity for 24 new clients.

Achieving 60% of target in a crowded market place which is suffering from a degree of fatigue is a real achievement. A number of times it was said ' 'If only you were an Ebola charity!' it would be a lot easier for you to raise money. Ebola charities are very worthwhile doing an incredible job in very difficult circumstances.

Crowd fundraising was a new experience for Grow, the campaign was run by a team of London volunteers with the first ever professional video being also funded by a volunteer.  A big thank you goes to Mark, Till, Fiona, Josh and Eunice who did a fantastic job of raising awareness and to Laura Pohl for creating a great video on a tight timeline and budget. For 2015 Grow plans to run another campaign during Global Entrepreneurship week in November with some creative ideas for perks from our talented entrepreneurs. Watch this space!


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