Thursday, 15 January 2015

We Want You as a New Trustee Recruit!

For 2015/16, Grow is recruiting a new team of trustees to help guide the organisation through a  period of growth and a key research project with two of the World Best Business Schools; London Business School and Booth Business School Chicago. 

Grow is looking for Trustees who are driven, active, have experience living or working in Africa and able to commit to 2 hours per month for 2 years. Specific skills Grow is looking for:

- PR
- Marketing
- Fundraising
- Project Management

Being a Grow Trustee  provides an opportunity to design and implement a new strategy, expand into new countries and interact with a global team of talented businesses people.

Interviews will be held Tuesday January 27th at London Business School. 

Please email why you would like to be a Grow Trustee to: 

or contact Mark Neild 07747896324 for further discussions

Role Description for Grow Movement Trustee
To ensure, with the other trustees, that the charity acts in accordance with its constitution and to manage its activities in furtherance of the charitable purposes set out in that constitution  
•Setting strategy and under taking the strategic management of the charity
•Ensuring that the charity complies with its Articles of Association and all applicable legislation and regulations
•Ensuring that the charity pursues its charitable purposes for the public benefit as set out in its articles
•Ensuring that the charity applies its resources in pursuance of its charitable purposes and provides appropriate public benefit through its activities in pursuit of those purposes
•Ensuring the financial stability and solvency of the charity
•Ensuring proper accounting records are kept
•Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the charity
•Projecting and managing the property of the charity
•Ensuring proper investment of the charity funds
•Approving the charity policies
•Safe guarding the good name and ethos of the charity
•Approving the rolling 5 year plan annually and monitoring progress against it
•Determining/ approving the annual budget and monitoring progress against it
•Preparing and approving the annual report and accounts
•Being an ambassador for the charity, providing connections for volunteer consultant sources and fundraising
•Attending meetings of trustees, playing an active role
•Using the trustees own skills, knowledge and experience to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions
•Taking the lead in any trustee activities where the trustee has special knowledge
•Avoiding any conflict of interest and declaring potential conflicts to the board of trustees
Monthly Activities:
•Attend monthly 2 hour meetings
•Review and action monthly operational reports

•Provide monthly updates of actions

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