Thursday, 22 August 2013

7 new Ugandan jobs created by Grow Movement with Isaac Mugabe and a Canadian volunteer consultant

Meet Isaac Mugabe who runs a screen-printing business working with schools and other business to put their logos on t-shirts, caps and umbrellas. When Isaac came to GROW Movement, his business was not going very well.  After working with Ray Belanager, a Canadian volunteer consultant, Isaac now  runs a profitable business. He employees an additional seven people as a result of the work that he completed with Ray, focusing on tracking the costs of his business and taking care of his customers. Isaac has  even set up a village savings scheme to help other local businesses solve cash flow issues. Great work Ray and Isaac. It is amazing the impact that knowledge sharing over Skype, phone and email can have on the performance of a businesses in the Developing World. On working with Grow Movement Isaac says, "I feel like both my company and I have been reborn". 

Isaac Mugabe in his design work shop

Isaac with his umbrella product

Isaac with his new operations manager

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