Friday, 9 August 2013

London based Malawian accountant Skype consults with Malawian based entrepreneur

Meet Mathews Chanza, a 39 year old accountant from Zomba district in Malaw, now living in London working as a Finance Manager for Media diversity and People In Aid. He is Grow Meet Mathews Chanza, Grow Movement's first Malawian born volunteer consultant.
He first moved to London ten years ago to study his Bachelor of Accounting degree (BACC) and continued to complete his training as an Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA).
He has been matched with Rhoda Banda a 35 year old female entrepreneur  who runs a small company with 10 employees in Malawi growing and selling peas, ground nuts and soya beans. Together using Skype, phone and email they will work for 3 months writing and presenting business proposals, cash flow management techniques and forward planning business strategies.
On volunteering for Grow Movement, Mathews says ' It will be gratifying for me to serve a cause in developing small scale business- which I believe are a hub in the development and empowering of individuals, Indeed it will be even more gratifying for me where my accounting and finance experience can be used to help solve and benefit small scale business in Africa, in particular Malawi, where I come from.'
Welcome Mathews, to our powerful global volunteer team, we are very proud that you are our first Malawian consultant.
Mathews Chanza getting ready to chat with his Malawian entrepreneur


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