Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Coventry to #Malawi by #Skype! Africans helping Africans!

Meet  Judith Patricia Alekadala, a 35 years old accountant from Mangochi district in Malawi, now living with her son in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. She arrived in 2002 to continue her ACCA training and plans to open her own accountancy firm. She is our first female Malawian Grow Consultant. Welcome Judith!
Her Malawian based entrepreneur, Catherine Njobvu, aged 28 is a cosmetics and beauty salon owner. Judith plans to assist her client with expanding into new premises in the main city centre of Blantyre. They plan to target new customers in this area including university students.

About volunteering with Grow Movement Judith says
"...I like the Grow Movement idea because it follows my favourite Chinese proverb which says; If you teach someone how to fish he will never beg again but if you keep on giving him fish, he shall keep on coming back whenever he feels hungry. Grow movement is teaching people how to produce themselves and become independent rather than relying on someone to help them all the time. I have learnt a lot on how people do business in the UK and I would like to transfer that knowledge to other people who may use it and benefit from it. Africans are hard workers and skilled people, they just need a little bit of re-engineering. I would like to help in consulting the businesses and see them grow.  I believe this will change the world and I want to be part of it. I know it will work because knowledge investment is more profitable..."
Judith Alekadala UK based Malawian Grow Consultant

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