Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Does #Volunteering have an #impact on #leadership #skills? Ashridge Business School Asks Grow Movement

At Grow Movement we are very proud of what we achieve in our operational countries. Having worked with over 200 hundred entrepreneurs and created almost 500 jobs we want to shout more about what we do. However in recent posts I have discussed how we often miss the impact that sharing business skills has on our volunteers. Niraj Saraf volunteered with Grow Movement as a VC for Uganda. He is now a consultant at Ashridge Business School here in the UK. He recently contacted me to see if he could work with some of our VCs to map the impact of volunteering over Skype on leadership skills. 

"Volunteering as a concept has existed for centuries, emerging in the contexts of military service and of community support. Skills-based volunteering is more recent, and doing it virtually more recent still, which means that as Grow Movement volunteers, you're at the cutting edge. The Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability is carrying out some research into the value that volunteering experiences to add to a person's leadership abilities and is particularly interested to explore whether that value can be gained as much through a virtual experience as through a real one."

The survey takes approx 10 minutes to fill out. Click below!

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