Monday, 25 November 2013

#Airbnb making #charity travel more affordable

Being cost efficient is a key value that Grow Movement operates to. After flight costs our biggest expense is hotel bills, even staying in the most affordable accommodation from the Lonely Planet guide book, as well as often being dull and uninspiring for a stay beyond a night or two.

In Kigali, Rwanda there is a particular problem with affordable hotels and bnbs. Preparing for 5 weeks away I wanted another solution to bland hotel stays. Airbnb was my answer! I stayed with an American couple; one who worked all over Africa shooting videos for NGOs and the husband who worked as a consultant.

Having another perspective on a country from people who live there as  well as my team was fascinating. Being able to chat around the challenges, benefits and pitfalls of operating NGOs  in Africa, gaining their expertise and insight very much enhanced my experience of Rwanda and gave me real food for thought on how we should manage Grow Movement in the future.

In Kampala, Uganda, I moved to stay with a Ugandan couple and their daughter near to Kampala International University. Great place! It took me to a part of time I would not usually visit, putting me right in the middle of late night street food markets, DVD sellers and street side chicken bbqs. Chatting about Kampala, the electricity challenges, business limitations and school fees all helps with mu understanding of how Kampala works.

Airbnb helps provide alternative experiences to hotels, offers a lower tiered costing for more price sensitive travel and offers a greater and/ or different  insight into communities in which we work, really recommend it to other folk travelling overseas whether for business, charity work or holidays.

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