Thursday, 28 November 2013

#Electricity outages impacting #Uganda's development

Reading feedback from our volunteer consultants and clients problems with power outrages meaning lap tops and mobile go dead during calls is a continual complaint and major frustration. I read it so often that I have almost become immune to it.

My first weekend in Uganda really made me conscious of how much electricity outages can impact businesses here. Friday morning I woke no no electricity in my bnb, meaning I had to go to a conference where I was presenting without blow drying or straightening my hair. A girl problem but I started to think about anyone running a hairdressing business would also have been affected.

Saturday evening I was having my nails done and the electricity went out. An hour long chore turned into 2 hours as the electronic filers were not working. In this case I started to think about productivity in Ugandan businesses, whilst having manual filing was option the production time was significantly increased yet for the same money.

Finally that evening I went back to watch the football with my 'Ugandan hosts who run a bar restaurant long with the bnb. The electricity went out and within ten minutes the bar had cleared. I started to think about the significant loss of profits that August would have experienced because of the electricity. I asked about generators and he said they were to expensive even taking into consideration his loses that evening.

With electricity supply being a rare problem for us back in the UK I was surprised at the acceptance local people had to this. I guess if it is a regular occurrence you become phased by this. I really hope that with Grow Movement addressing the business skills for Ugandans that the electricity issues will also be resolved.

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