Sunday, 24 November 2013

Party party! Celebrating #volunteer, #entrepreneurs and #Skype in #Rwanda!

Violet, Rwanda manager
Grow Movement certainly knows how to through a party! Last week I asked the Grow team how long we had been operating in Rwanda for?

'Almost a year! We started during Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2012'

Focusing hard on recruiting entrepreneurs and hitting our performance targets  we had forgotten to mark our achievements. Pausing the world,  celebrating, and  having the chance to say thank you to all of those who have made us a success is so important for our team motivation and what a great way to welcome our two new team members, Josiane and Eric.

Grow entrpreneurs
After 1 year of operation with just Violet working part time in Rwanda we have worked with 38 entrepreneurs, completed 13 impact assessments, and are working with a further 45 clients. From this we have created 64 jobs, improved the business skills of each person we have worked with and improved profits on average by 40%. All achievable by the power of not just the Grow team and our volunteers but also through the power of technology, Skype.

Andreas from Educat and Kelsey from SURF our local Partners
What a great reason for a party!  Between the Rwanda Grow team of Eric, Josiane and Violet, the local corner shop and bakery we pulled of an awesome party in just 3 days for 40 people.

Over 30 clients came, we had 2 local volunteer consultants and one from the UK who happened to be in town as well as 2 partners Educat and SURF. Hearing great reports from our clients on their Grow Movement consultant was immensely motivating and inspiring . Emmanuel who is setting up a secondary school in the Eastern province of Rwanda  spoke about his British consultant Graham who has been assisting him
with his business plans and helping him source additional funding after his existing loan fell through.
Herman a Rwandan volunteer and Mark a new British volunteer

Really looking forward to the next party in Rwanda during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014. You're all invited!

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