Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Exhilarating and affordable ways to travel cheaply in #Uganda and #Rwanda

CEO Claire Jenkins on Moto
Rwanda and Uganda are two very different neighbouring countries. Rwanda is often described as 'Africa lite' or not the 'true Africa' by ex pats used to a lack of rules from working on this continent of 54 countries. When it comes to modes of transport this is certainly true.
Claire Jenkins and Grace Akullo on moto in Uganda
Being used to getting the tube to work in London travelling by motorbike everyday certainly wakes you up. The adrenaline pumps much more so than a 30 minute trip on the jubilee line reading  the 'Metro' newspaper and struggling to get out of the armpits of other passengers.  Travelling by local taxi driven motorbikes keeps our organisational costs down as well as supporting local businesses. Rides vary by distance and cost anything from 50p to £2 for rides of 20 mins.

Violet in Moto
In Rwanda these are known as motos and are regulated heavily by the government. Each driver must carry a spare helmet for their passenger, only one person can be carried at a time and ladies are not permitted to sit side saddle.
Violet negotiating prices
In Uganda all the rules are out of the window, no helmets for anyone and pack as many as possible on the back though to save dignity ladies are allowed to sit side saddle, whilst great when you are in a dress not so great when going around corners carrying a lap top bag unbalanced. 
Being a bit of adrenaline junkie cruising round without a helmet certainly has an exhilarating effect, though I do prefer the safer option of 'Africa lite'.

Just a simple example of how two country neighbours are very different. 

Violet and Eric in Rwanda 

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