Monday, 23 June 2014

'Grow is like a map, it gives you direction'

Dinner with a group of Grow clients is always insightful and full of energy; dinner with our female clients and this is really where you learn! Eric, Violet and I hosted a dinner with our women entrepreneurs in Kigali last week. 

'Passion, conviction and ...Grow Movement' is what you need in Business to be successful was the summation of our debate on what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. You need passion to cope with the bad days, conviction to stay true to what you believe is right and a Grow consultant to ensure that you make money and stay in business! The point on passion was an interesting one. Was it passion for your product/ service or passion for your life which gives you the drive to do something or anything in business? 

I met Joceyne for the first time last week. She runs a clothes business with her husband designing for the young professionals and expats of Kigali. Joceyne is a force of nature, driven and smart with a huge passion for her business. When I asked her what Grow was like for her she said  'She Grow is like a map, it gives you direction. It stops you from going the wrong way. It tells you left or right and places to avoid.'

I loved this description. I often hear from our clients about doing their businesses but not knowing why they are doing things, or describing just being busy but not getting anywhere. Grow Movement gives the solution to this.

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  1. You should be a blogger soon!! It was a great evening indeed.we had a good debate and learnt a lot.

    Our clients are amazing!! Thanks Claire