Thursday, 5 June 2014

The wheels on the bus go....Could an internet bus help drive entrepreneurship in Uganda?

I read with great excitement this week, whilst in Uganda,  that MTN had produced an Internet Bus with WIFI and computer work stations to help promote ICT education in rural communities and reduce the economic gap between countryside and city.

Fantastic idea! Something that would be super for Grow Movement. Internet and phone networks are notoriously inconsistent for our rural entrepreneurs. Those consultants that have clients 'up country', require that additional level of patience to manage the continual problems with not being able to access our clients. This means that the number of business owners we can work with in this area is heavily reduced.

Imagine the impact we could have with a fleet of Grow Movement buses kitted out with computers, headsets and Wifi' effectively connected to our global team of consultants.

Claire Jenkins

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