Wednesday, 11 June 2014

'You read a book but you don't need to meet the author, knowledge is knowledge!'

I am often asked by investors, clients and our consultants if virtual mentoring can be truly effective? Meeting Grace yesterday in Kampala, Uganda gave me a really simple answer, 'You read a book but you don't need to meet the author, knowledge is knowledge'. Thank you Grace.

Grace, a married mum of 3 quit her job in 2009 and attended an Enterprise Uganda training course on how to be come an entrepreneur and develop her business idea. She had some land so moved into construction and rental properties. Using her existing assets of a car she chose to do private hire to make sure she had enough money to build her business. She has 4 beautiful properties completed and 4 more in progress.

Working with her consultant Anushka Bide in the UK, she focused on her finances; ensuring that she kept track of everything that she spent, and splitting business and personal expenditure. She increased the rental on her properties by adding additional services such as car washing to her tenants and has been able to progress the build of her new properties at a quicker rate than previous with the additional capital she had saved by focusing on her spending. We chatted about the challenges of being a female in the construction world and how she manages to control all of this by having a tight control on every aspect of delivery and build.

Grace is an eloquent talented lady. On our drive back to the office she said to me... 'Whoever came up with the name 'Grow' was a genius! When you grow there is life, you are moving'

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