Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Hero Fruit Queen of Rwanda

 Rwandan women are incredible ladies! I had the pleasure of meeting Chantal at our quarterly client meeting last Friday. What a dynamo! Listening to her speak about her determination to finish school against all of the odds, to her journey of getting married, to her passion for fruit.

She simply loves fruit and spent evenings googling 'delicious foods made from fruit'. She came across fruit juices but did not want to take on the local Rwandan juice company and then came across 'smoothies' needing to ask her husband what they were. Within months she had her first shop naming it after her son who is called 'Hero' and also her  approach to life in general.

Chantal came to Grow for assistance with her marketing, expansion and new product strategies. She was matched with Ludmilla, a Brazilian lady living in the USA. What struck me about Chantal was her immense drive and determination; now all clients have this but she has this in buckets. I am so proud to be supporting someone like her and cannot wait to see her company Grow.

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